A Rose for Epona


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  • Tom: Bm
  • Arranjo: Baixo, Bateria, Teclado


(Composição: Anna Murphy, Ivo Henzi, Chrigel Glanzmann) Do you feel the thorns? Do you see the tears? Do you see the bloodshed in this fell war? Have you forsaken us? Have you forgotten our faithful men calling your name? While I stand before you While we perish While I lay down a crimson rose While holding hands Are forced apart While hopes bog like condemned men Were you there? [REFRÃO] The sky is falling on me As your hand's turning old and weak I'm giving myself up to thee A futile sacrifice gone sere (falling on me) In your nemeton These grey stone walls Are cold and silent As the fallen Mother gone deaf Mistress of shattered hopes And forever broken dreams Were you there? [REFRÃO] Were you there? Epo, Epo why hast thou forsaken me? Together we go unsung Into thy hand, I commend my spirit Together we go down with our people Were you there? Were you there? [REFRÃO]