karaoke Helloween Gitarrenbegleitung

If I Knew


  • Composição: Michael Weikath
  • Álbum: The Time of the Oath
  • Lançamento: 1996
  • Gravadora: Castle Communications

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Loneliness seems like an evil dream But reality is life and life is here Once my heart was ruled by emptiness Harmed because of being too sincere But now that you've crossed my way Could it be we found it again If I knew that I'm your only one I could live and make it through time But if one day you'd just be gone I wouldn't know how to ever get by How can I make you feel secure We're both the same, I'm king and you are queen Understand you make me breathe again Tell me all your thoughts and I will see Take my hand and we'll be there Together, someday, somewhere I wouldn't know how to ever get by I wouldn't know how to ever get by I would simply break down and cry