The Assassin

Iron Maiden

  • Composição: Steve Harris
  • Álbum: No Prayer For The Dying
  • Lançamento: 1990
  • Gravadora: EMI-Odeon

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Now the contracts out They've put the word about I'm coming after you It's not the money I make It's the thrill of the chase And I'm coming after you I watch your every move Study the things you do And the pattern of your ways I watch the way you walk I hear your telephone talk I want to understand the way you think Better watch out, cuz I'm the assassin, Better watch out, better watch out I'm in a cold cold sweat I taste the smell of death I know the moment's getting closer And as you walk to the light I feel my hands go tight Excitement running through my veins I've got you in my sights I've got you dead to rights The triggers waiting for my finger I feel adrenalin rush It's just the final touch You can kiss your arse goodbye