Shut It Down


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(Composição: Edward Clarke, Ian Kilmister, Philip Taylor) Sometimes you misunderstood The way I see it, don't do no good Sometimes you can't raise no help Wind up ahead of yourself I swear I get so tired of aggravation Believe me baby it's nowhere, nowhere [REFRÃO] The same old thing The same old thing I just wanna Shut it down Shut it down On your feet or on your knees You're only shooting the breeze Words are cheap and talk is free Turns out to be a rabbit with me I'm gonna ace you out No more confusion Begin to make me nervous, nervous [REFRÃO] I don't think you understand Ain't no-one holding your hand You're only skin and bone You're born broke and you die alone Free rides are over now No more Mr. Nice Guy Believe me baby it's over, over [REFRÃO]