Come Along

Salty Dog

  • Enviado por: Zeil
  • Tom: Ab
  • Arranjo: Baixo, Bateria


(Composição: Jimmi Bleacher, Khurt Maier, Michael Hannon) Sweet little baby, she's my hot dog bun Come along with me just about a barrel of fun Gonna brush myself once, right across the hair Like Old Mother Hubbard, all of my cupboards been bare Come on see my door's always open Even take a bus if your car is broken Come along, come along I was once a beggar, now I got my choose Came with a rock and roll band and a new pair of shoes I slapped myself once right across the face Pulled up anchor, hitched a ride out of this place Time to leave, my train's in the station Gonna find me under sedation Come along, come along It's not easy crossing the boundary trail So I'll grab you right by the tail Sweet little baby, let the cat out of the bag Made a score right at the tally wag Drag myself from state to state Oh I'm fresh out of bait So come along... So come along Come along not fooling Come along mouth's drooling Come along try my patience Come along train in the station Come along no hesitation Come along under sedation Come along... Drag myself from state to state Oh baby I'm fresh out of patience Deep down you're all I can handle You set fire to my candle That tape I'm gonna mail ya Oh let me tell ya I got a launch of babe Sweet and fancy got to launch off babe Ants in my pants got to launch off babe So let me tell again, set my heart beating Baby got me feeling, put rocks to the reeling Gonna leave you baby Right now gonna leave you baby Like mama done told ya Stetson's not gonna move ya When we walk right through ya That tape, I'm not gonna mail ya Oh baby, We got to move