Jet to Jet


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  • Tom: B
  • Arranjo: Baixo, Bateria, Teclado


(Composição: Yngwie Malmsteen, Graham Bonnet) On a short trip we made a landing Then we were strangers in town How they stared as we made our exit We're white they're all brown Dr. Livingstone where are you when we need you the most We're white as ivory on the ivory coast Jet into jet Eat their poison like true ambassadors We will drink up their beer So predictable washed out white Men foreigners are here Call me master I'll call you boy If that's all that you need How that wounds me just leave me here to bleed Jet into jet [SOLO] Black mans burden is on his shoulder and keeps him well in his place Two hundred pounds worth of megawatts That smack him in the face There's no reason to take the weight Life's not strapped to your head Don't wear the token till the token black is dead Jet into jet