Prisoner of War

All Shall Perish

  • Enviado por: Marcio Heloi
  • Tom: D (afinação: A E A D F# B)
  • Arranjo: Baixo, Bateria, Teclado


I have made a lasting picture among the faces the night hath plagued Lost It's all a lie that your fathers have fought for Am I the defiant one? Along a saving grace Neglected Left to the dogs Betrayed They've fed me to the fires Placed in fields where near sounds of terror fill our ears Vacant sounds Consuming all around Faces lost in the night swallowed amongst the decay Lost in a time when we still felt alive The illusion has made us its slave Taken by the fear of desolation, I stay awake throughout sounds of despair up holding my attention Why has it all come to this? This life has not finished. Help me! A simple man without needs I have not lost my will to breathe This cannot betray the good in me I'm not paying for your beliefs Pain is enough