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  • Tom: F#m
  • Arranjo: Baixo, Bateria


Stop your screaming, get out of my way Your lips are moving they got nothing to say Always steaming but you're cold to the bone So negative, just leave me alone No more crying, no more dying No more bleeding me No more screaming, no deceiving No more bleeding me You smell the bleeding, moving in for the kill The way you treat me, you make me ill Push me to the maximum, do it again and again But I won't let you suck me in Look at your mother, your father too Same damn same shit that you put me through But I'm stronger and I got the balls I ain't sticking around for it all Something's coming over me tonight It's time to take this wrong and make it right No time to lose before I die This is my very last good bye You say you loved me, you say that you cared But what you need is a billionaire You sat on your ass and now you wonder why You need some money but you bled me dry