Weapon X


  • Enviado por: zhangief
  • Tom: D
  • Arranjo: Baixo, Bateria


Use me and abuse me kick me when I'm down You think the damage is done But I'm harder and faster than ever before With a punch that's second to none Bring on the challenger and bring me your best Cause you're never gonna let me be Give me what you got and try to put me to rest But you'll never, never, ever stop me Weapon X Reeking of intensity,burning up inside of me A mega-force to explode Like a time bomb,ticking in the heat So you better re-arm and re-load Screaming,steaming like a battering ram This punishment is here to stay There will be no deviation from the masterplan So get out of my way Weapon X Stalking,creeping, I'm ready for your ambush You'll never throw me off of the track Pounding,forging, you better hear my warning Annihilator is back Weapon X