Breeding Death


  • Enviado por: pazedo
  • Tom: G (afinação: B E A D F# B)
  • Arranjo: Baixo, Bateria


Falling into obscure demise Ripping death confronts their lives Born as a freak in decrepit birth Ignorance prevails, buried in earth I seem contorted, a victim of death Corrupt reality, a poisoned breath From beyond the grave, a sight of gore Rise from the crypts, life no more Rancid corpse, afterlife bliss Greeting the night with a vulgar hiss Pulsating innards for me to bless Drowning in bile, enjoying the mess Aiming at your face Using piss for mace You like the taste Painting the wall with the blood of a slut Agonizing scrotum beginning to rot Eyes full of blood dripping like a flood Rotting as I walk The silhouette of a zombie dark Don't turn around 'cause it's you I stalk I see death evocation I see undead despair I see decapitation In the wake of pain, breeding death Embraced by doom The dead mans gloom Life is no more My soul existence in gore Guardian of my grave Come near, be brave Your spine I will rip In rapture licking my lips Undertaker, fake servant of God Followers paying tribute to God Dog Fucking fools, doesn't matter that you pray You will die 'cause it's you that I will slay Time to meet thy maker Fingers tighten round your neck But my eyes are open wide Evil and wicked ways You believe that I'm just Another fucking wreck You lay mutilated corpse I disappear through the haze