Furnace Funeral


  • Enviado por: pazedo
  • Tom: G (afinação: B E A D F# B)
  • Arranjo: Baixo, Bateria


Wake up in a sweat Blood in my mouth Fainted by the torture, had no time to shout A gathering of freaks, and evil plot, a feast Trapped in the furnace, sacrificial to the beast Temperature's increased, searing my skin I start to realize I'm the last of my kin Acrid devastation in the furnace of fate Bubbles on my body, I know it's far too late Hair is removed by the embers hiss Retarded people laugh, worthless life in a bliss Eyes leave their sockets, sour taste of pus Abscess boiling, burst and gush Oven of disgust, companion of distrust Medium rare for the course is a must See the bastard smile, will be devoured by them freaks Genitals charred, I pay the price for being meek The hatch is open Topping me with spice Roasted body, their hunger's my demise They sit around the table, those ugly fucks Served as a three-course dinner, yucks! Excrements boil, they don't seem to care Brunch of flesh gobbets, in their lair My final rest on a silver plate I hope they choke on my limbs, showing my hate Bred in a line of incesticide Sick and deformed, not on my side