I Rape Myself


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  • Tom: G (afinação: C G C F A D)
  • Arranjo: Baixo, Bateria


Now I`m standing here alone at the of the road Screaming into the emptiness. Why did we start this way together, Although) it was clear to me I would end up all alone Completely broken and misused by love !? [REFRÃO] I rape myself and I don’t know why, this whole thing makes no sence, no sence at all! Have you ever understood me, Have you ever felt the same, Have you ever looked in my eyes, Burry my starving heart [REFRÃO] My heart was a present But you didn`t understand You weren`t ready to go until the end together (beside me) That is why I`m standing here all alone Screaming into the emptiness [REFRÃO]