Thy Raven Wings

My Dying Bride

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  • Tom: F#
  • Arranjo: Baixo, Bateria, Teclado


In fiery flight we would leave this hall The Holy house, House of God will fall To death they go with music and song But our dread simply must go on I feel our need to feed goes on For our greed, watch them bleeding on This hour's ours, with open arms go on Crowned with thorns and pain was he Raised our hands and slew him utterly Crimson waves of the tears of war This is what we were put here for Eden falls, Mercy for life I hear their calls Stood and watched them die Heaven crawls. Wings burn on high Beauty falls. Beg unto me why? Fold thy raven wings 'Tis our duty, darkness brings If this day be our last Our victims await For they are vast In fiery death we will crawl away Content we lived for each and every day Black and burned with a stench of decay