Fermented Offal Discharge


  • Enviado por: Chuck Shred
  • Tom: D
  • Arranjo: Baixo, Bateria


(Composição: Muhammet Suicmez) The casket is exhumed, turfs piled beside the grave A stagnant mass awaits me, deep in the gloom The boxes lids I open, distraught desecrating The fumes are penetrating, I am eructating... I vomit... I initiate eager exhuming despite bad scents... I dig up cold earth, exhumed turfs I disperse... I initiate eager exhuming despite bad scents... The open casket reveals the rot Into weak stomach I slide my hands Intensifying fumes I like to snort Colon and small intestine Sliced and ripped out of the foul body Duodenum I minch - all should be treated equal Rotten stool and urine Spurt out of fermented organs I discharged and raped - putrified giblets disembowel Decrepit spleen and pancreas I've torn and gutted I eviscerate stomach and cysts Liver is torn and twisted - turning inside out A fermented offal discharge - disembowel... Evacuated offal hastily wrapped in bags As basic for my culinary... Putrefied internal fragments Fermented offal discharge...