Youth Gone Wild

Skid Row

  • Tom: G
  • Arranjo: Baixo, Bateria


(Composição: Rachel Bolan, Dave Sabo) Rollin' Woah yeah Since I was born, They couldn't hold me down Another misfit kid, Another burned-out town I never played by the rules and I never really cared, My nasty reputation takes me everywhere Well I look n' see it's not only me So many others have stood where I stand, We are the young - so raise your hands They call us problem child, We spend our lives on trial, We walk an endless mile - we are the Youth Gone Wild We stand and we won't fall - we're one and one for all The writing's on the wall - we are the Youth Gone Wild My boss screamin' my ear 'bout who I'm s'posed to be, "Get a three-piece Wall Street smile, and son you'll look just like me" I said "Hey, man, there's somethin' you oughta know, well I tell ya Park Avenue leads to... Skid Row!" Well I look n' see it's not only me We're standing tall, ain't never a doubt We are the young, so shout it out Well lemme hear ya get wild We are the Youth Gone Wild