The Ward


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  • Tom: G
  • Arranjo: Baixo, Bateria, Teclado


(Composição: Mikael Åkerfeldt) I am going away, I am going down I am going away, I am going down Sifting through a memory Before it fades away Adolescent secrecy A million words astray [REFRÃO] Ah... I can't remember happiness I thrive within the dark The security of a loneliness Is a veil that keeps my calm [REFRÃO] By the way, I'm doing fine I have a place to stay, just behind the sunshine And by the way, I don't need sympathy I have a place to lay, I have more than you can see I walk the streets alone at night It helps to ease my mind I lay me down come the morning light And leave all woes behind [REFRÃO]